Not The Best Day

It is nearly midnight, and I am disappointed in myself. Today I did not drink enough water throughout the day (although I did get through 100 oz), and I had two (measured) handfuls of almonds. I am sure it won’t kill me, but I am hoping to be stronger tomorrow. NO CHEATING ON TUESDAY!

Day 12

In my previous journal I wrote that on Day 12 I was starting to feel a real difference in how I walk. Yes, it is less than two weeks into the diet, and I have shed nearly twenty pounds. I feel the difference in my pace, and the ease with which I am able to... Continue Reading →

Day 11

The contrast between my plans for Saturday (yesterday) and Sunday (today) could hardly be vaster. Yesterday, Princess Sophie and I drove to Strathroy (two hours away) to spend a few hours with my friends and godson and goddaughter (and their dog), then to Cambridge (about halfway home) to spend a few hours enjoying cigars and... Continue Reading →

Day 10

I will spare you the ‘what I read in my previous journal’ wisdom today… the entry is not long or impressive, nor in any way insightful.I stepped on the scale this morning and was pleased with the number. When you are on an extreme plan such as this one, there are going to be days... Continue Reading →

Temptations and Cravings

I am just back from going to pick up a haul of meal replacements (regrettably all shakes). I now have some 185 meal replacements more than I did an hour ago, which will be split between me and my diet buddy. They are irrelevant to the point of this piece.Driving to where I was meeting... Continue Reading →

Day 9

As I was walking Princess Sophie, I realized that today is one of those ‘holy-crap-degrees-below-zero’ days. Neither of us wanted to spend a lot of time outside, so she did her business quicker than usual, and then we went back inside. There will be no sitting on the patio for a cigar today… not with... Continue Reading →

Day 8

I made it through the first week. If I go with my instinct and use my guesstimate as my starting weight, then I am down nearly 15lbs. Not quite as much as the last time I did the program, but respectable, nonetheless. It has not been easy… but it has not been that difficult either.This... Continue Reading →

Day 7

If I get through the day, I will have made it through a full week. I am excited, elated, but most of all I am relieved. I know that the hardest part is actually getting started. To quote from my previous weight loss journal: “My diet is becoming more of a habit than a chore.”... Continue Reading →


It is 2:30pm on Day 6, and I am hungry. I had my first meal replacement around 9:30am and then my second at 1:00pm, which means I am not due for my next one until 4:30pm… but I am hungry. Crap.I am not sitting around bored today. I have work to do, and I am... Continue Reading →

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