Day 6

While I did not really have trouble on the program yesterday, I did have to veer slightly. I am teaching classes in the evenings, which has me lecturing five hours straight. By 9:00pm my voice was faltering (a sign of either exhaustion or coming illness). I have a package of lozenges that got me through... Continue Reading →

Day 5

I am more than halfway through the first week of my diet. Woohoo!Yesterday was a pretty good day, owing partly to the fact that I was able to smoke cigars (which I had not expected). I was also really pleased that my friend came over, as it is nice to spend time with him. When... Continue Reading →

The First Cigars

Of course, these were not my first cigars… but when my friend came over, we decided to brave the cold, and we were pleasantly surprised.I was worried that I would not be able to smoke cigars for a few weeks because of the cold and the wind, but as I suspected this morning it turns... Continue Reading →

Cigars and Timing

If you are a regular reader of either of my other blogs, or a friend (either Facebook or otherwise) you know that I am a cigar smoker. When I went through the program in California a couple of years ago, I found that smoking cigars was a good way to not be tempted by food.... Continue Reading →

The Scales

One of the reasons we are encouraged to not weigh ourselves daily is that there will be days when the numbers on the scale may be up, but if we stick the program, we will see a downward trend… even with those occasional upticks. Another reason why I should not be weighing myself daily is... Continue Reading →

Day 3

It is interesting that my notes from Day 3 of my previous journal focus on three themes: scheduling (and how to make sure I have my meal replacements at the right time and intervals throughout the day), temptations, and my mood (which was quite cranky). This time around I do not feel like I am... Continue Reading →


Remember, over the last few posts, that I mentioned that there are some things I cannot do as well (or at all) as a morbidly obese man? I just had a really close call.Princess Sophie asked nicely to go out for a walk. Not only does she deserve it for being so nice and polite,... Continue Reading →

Water Water Everywhere…

Yes, drinking water (and a lot of it) is a crucial part of my new weight loss program. Yesterday morning I went to the kitchen and pulled out a very solid glass beer stein that holds 4 cups (33⅓ oz) of water. It would be perfect for me! Yesterday I filled (and drained) it five... Continue Reading →

My Weight Loss Goals

When I originally went through the program, we were given an assignment: what were our weight-loss goals. I do see a few differences from then to now, but here is how I would do it today.I have given a lot of thought to this ‘assignment’. There are so many things so many of us want... Continue Reading →

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