Day 71

Today is the last day of March. I took HRF Princess Sophie for a very wet walk this morning. If April showers bring May flowers, we should also be ever vigilant that April rains can bring emotional pains. I do not think that I am depressed, but I am going to keep an eye out... Continue Reading →

Day 70

I noticed that while I am teaching, I am going through lozenges like they are candy. I have to wonder if it is because I feel the need (I do speak quite a bit while I am teaching, but not so much that I would need this many of them), or if it is just... Continue Reading →

Day 69

After the disaster that was the weekend, I am happy to report that I did not veer from my program at all on Monday. A shake for breakfast and for my evening snack, a salad for lunch, and chicken with a salad for dinner. I went to bed a little peckish, but overall, I am... Continue Reading →

Day 68

How do I fall so far so easily? It is because food is an addiction, and it is a very difficult one to rein in.Yesterday I started with a meal replacement before I headed to Stephane’s house. We stopped at the cemetery to pay respects to my father’s grave. We then dropped something off for... Continue Reading →

Day 67

I was doing so well, too. I had a bar in the morning and then spent lunchtime with my dad’s widow. She is on a diet too, so she told me she would be having a protein bar. Excellent, that means that I don’t have to pick up lunch. I had a shake. I should... Continue Reading →

Day 66

I was not perfect yesterday, but I was not terrible. I had a couple of beef pepperoni and a handful of peanuts on the drive. My buddy wanted to go for Lebanese food for dinner, so I had chicken with salad (and haricot and hummus). All in all, it could have been a worse day... Continue Reading →

Day 65

I am off to Montreal this morning. After my shake (which I am drinking as I type) I will pack HRF Princess Sophie into the car – her kit is already packed and ready to go – and I will drive her to the dog sitter’s house. From there, I will drive straight east –... Continue Reading →

Day 64

Another day of following the prescribed regimen, and once again the bathroom scale is down. I am quite pleased with that, but more important, I am feeling lighter today. The shirt that I am wearing, which a month ago had my belly hanging out, is now much more comfortable. It is a good day to... Continue Reading →

Day 63

HRF Princess Sophie asked me very politely to take her out at 6:00am. She does not wake me to go out very often, so when she does, I take her seriously. The last time she asked, I was much heavier; it probably took me fifteen minutes to get dressed. This morning, we were out the... Continue Reading →

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