Day 132

As predicted, I was not going to win any prizes on the golf course yesterday. I hit a few good shots, I hit a lot of bad shots. It was a beautiful day to be outside, and I am happy I did it. What I should do is go to a driving range somewhere today.... Continue Reading →

Day 131

Yes, I had popcorn at the movie theatre yesterday, with a large Coke Zero. Yes, I know that I should avoid treats like movie theatre popcorn at all costs. Yes, I know that aside from the 600 calories, it contains 31g of fats and 67g of carbohydrates. I made the conscious decision, knowing all of... Continue Reading →

Day 130

I was terrible yesterday, and the numbers on the scale reflected it. Normally, when I go to Ryan’s house for cigars, I can withstand the temptations. For some reason, yesterday was an exception. I had nuts; I stayed for dinner (hamburger patties, not terrible); I had cookies for dessert (terrible). I even had one (yes,... Continue Reading →

Day 129

It is no surprise that the bathroom scale was up this morning. Yes, I had a glass of rum with my son… but it was more because it just did not make sense that I had lost five pounds in five days. Yes, I am down this week… but just over three pounds, which makes... Continue Reading →

Day 128

I hate bathroom scales. I think I am going to move into my doctor’s office so that I can get an accurate read every morning. I got onto the scale, and it was flip-flopping between two numbers that look very similar to yesterday’s number. I stepped off, nudged it closer to the wall, and when... Continue Reading →

Day 127

My Bulk Barn experiment failed, but only marginally… and only because my ability to convert grams to ounces is weak. I should also mention that while the experiment did not go as planned, I did nonetheless learn a great deal from it which will help with my weight loss going forward.I went in and measured... Continue Reading →

Day 126

The biggest inconvenience to having relocated my bathroom scale into the bedroom is that I very often forget to weigh myself. I get out of the shower, shave, and then head into the bedroom. In a perfect world, I would hop onto the scale immediately. In the real (and more perfect) world, I am immediately... Continue Reading →

Day 125

I went to the doctor’s office this morning without first checking what I weighed three weeks ago, and so it took nearly an hour for me to get home (after running some errands) and to determine that I actually gained an entire kilogram since my last weigh-in. The usual nurse (Mel) was not there either,... Continue Reading →

Day 124

I cheated yesterday, and I paid for it on the scale this morning. Yesterday morning, after a breakfast shake, I went to see my ex-wife and my kids. She had some things to tell me about Gilad’s development issues and tests, and I had to tell her that I was getting married again. Not to... Continue Reading →

Day 123

Mornings like this are why dieting is so frustrating. Aside from my peanuts (which were not excessive), the only straying I did from the program yesterday was that I made my final meal replacement shake very late at night. Normally, I would like to be done with it by 9:00pm; last night I came in... Continue Reading →

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