Category: Psychology

  • Day 317

    Some things are just too ridiculous to be made up. There is a lettuce shortage in Canada. Yes, there is an actual run on lettuce. It seems that much of Canada’s lettuce comes from farms in California that have of late been affected by a bug of some sort that has damaged or destroyed most […]

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  • Day 316

    I am just in from walking Princess Sophie. If there is one thing we can count on in Canada it is that sometime around December 1st we are going to truly notice that it is winter. I was listening to CBC Radio, and they were talking about the blustery weather in downtown Toronto. I would […]

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  • Day 315

    The last couple of days were very emotional for me, and with that came some emotional eating. Today is the day that I get back on track. Yes, I miss her… but I will be good. I am going to spend a good part of the day at Eduardo’s condo watching World Cup football. The […]

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  • Day 314

    Leslie went home yesterday, and I am very sad. Last night when I got home (after a stop-over to see a buddy and have a cigar) I ate my feelings. Most of what I ate was not bad for me, but the quantity of what I ate was. I should also point out that I […]

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