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  • Day 310

    My diet buddy had to cancel yesterday’s meeting for professional reasons. She is a teacher in a school and was acting principal yesterday. There was an accident with the school bus, and she had a lot of reports that had to be written. That is a perfectly understandable reason for canceling! Leslie and I spent […]

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  • Day 309

    I have said before that I am blessed for my health. Not once, but three times I have been so morbidly obese as to worry doctors. And yet, with the exception of my gout, I have never had an actual health scare that turned out to be a real something. When I was turning thirty-nine, […]

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  • Day 308

    Today’s was an expectedly disappointing weigh-in at the doctor’s office. I know these last two weeks I have been taking a much laxer and cheat-friendly approach to my weight loss, and that is partially because of the utter agony I was in for ten days, and partly for other reasons which I will not rehash […]

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  • Day 307

    This morning I did something that I have not been able to do for over a week. I went about my morning routine, took my pills, but did not include pain killers. Yes, my knee is actually starting to feel semi-normal again! I am very happy about that. After making a scrumptious breakfast of French […]

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