Day 41

Sunday was bad for several reasons; my only transgressions on Monday were quantity – I had two pieces of chicken for lunch and a piece of fish for dinner. I still avoided carbs and starches, and do not think it is the end of the world. Yes, I would like to reduce my intake. No, this level of intake will not ruin my weight loss plans.

It is hard to believe that today is March 1. I always see this day as a bit of a turning point between ‘it’s still freaking cold’ and ‘it’s starting to get warmer.’ I hope I am right. I know there will still be cold days to come, but the 10-day forecast only has the daily high temperature below 0°c once… although the daily lows will only be above 0°c during the same time frame. All in all, I look forward to using less propane to heat my cigar sessions, but it’s still a month or more away… and two months before I’ll be golfing yet.

I noticed this morning that I had a weird pain in my foot when I took HRF Princess Sophie for her walk. Maybe pain is too strong a word, but definitely a sensation. I will pay attention to it throughout the day. I am sure it is nothing – I probable slept in a weird position, or while I was teaching yesterday evening, I did not move my feet for a long time. I am not worried about it, but I did notice it.

I decided today to share yesterday’s article about unsolicited weight-loss advice with my public Facebook group. I did a tiny bit of cleaning up – I do not want the person involved to feel targeted, which she is not. Hers was just the unsolicited advice that reminded me to write it out. I get that sort of advice from all sorts of people all the time and have thought these words many times before. She just happened to be the one who reminded me.

Today’s plan: I had my meal replacement shake in the morning, and it is almost time for lunch – maybe another thirty minutes. I am going to make myself a salad with some canned salmon. After that, I plan to enjoy a cigar or two on the patio – I have invited a friend over, and hope he is able to come. What I would like to happen next, which is different from what I’ve been doing: At 5:30 I’ll take HRF Princess Sophie for a walk. I will come back in and make my dinner salad and will put my dinner (fish again) in the air fryer and douse it with lemon juice, but I will not start cooking it. I will set an alarm for 10 minutes before my class dinner break so that I can start the air fryer going. My dinner will be at 7:45pm, and that should be it for the day.

Is that what is going to happen? I do not know. I will do my best to not veer too badly from this plan.

Have a great day!

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