Day 50 (Part 2)

I cheated again today, within the confines of the diet program. Actually, that may not be entirely true. You see, I usually have a salad (with a can of salmon or something) for lunch, and then a piece of fish or chicken for dinner. As a friend was coming over, and I had several errands and appointments today, I skipped the lunchtime salad and had a meal replacement bar. For dinner I had a piece of fish. I was still hungry during my class break, so I made a salad with canned salmon. I did have an extra meal replacement, but that is not the worst cheat.

Somehow, I get to the end of the day, and I feel like I have failed. I ate too much. I cheated. Yes, I had an extra meal replacement… but I am still under 1500 calories today. I might be up half a pound or even a pound tomorrow morning, but that is only because of the substantial drop I registered today, and not because I cheated.

I have to get out of this mindset that if I have more than 900 calories in a day then I am a failure.

I just dismissed my class, and next week I start a new class, with mostly the same group. This coming class is way more in my comfort zone… I’ll be teaching Microsoft stuff, which is where I live and breathe. With the last few weeks there were portions of the classes I was less comfortable with. That will not be the case with a Windows 10 class. In the meantime, I have a weekend to look forward to. I have a meeting tomorrow morning, but I should be on my cigar perch by noon.

Time for bed.

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