Day 101

I fell off again yesterday, if only slightly. I was not thinking, so when I left the house around 5:30pm without so much as a meal replacement bar, I knew I had better pick something up. My trusty handful of peanuts from Bulk Barn… although it was a pretty large handful.

I was exhausted by the time I got home and made a salad with salmon. While I like to have my salad for my third and not fourth meal (5:30pm instead of 9:00pm), it did not work out, so I ate it late. The problem was that I was still hungry afterward… and decided to have a meal replacement bar as a desert. I have to remember that meal-replacements are meant to replace a meal… otherwise they would be called in addition to. I will try to do better today. In the meantime, I weighed myself, and the numbers on the scale have not changed since yesterday.

It is a lovely day out, and for the first time in a couple of weeks I have nothing that I have to do. I am going to relax; I might go for a walk, but my knee is bothering me, so I might just sit and relax. I will take HRF Princess Sophie for a couple of bonus walks though… just to try to make my daily steps goal.

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