Day 419

It’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood… albeit still a bit chilly. I stayed close to home yesterday. While I did go out to pick up salads for our lunch, I was not feeling up to going out for a jog. I felt that my knee was asking for another day’s rest. After lunch Leslie and I took a much-needed nap after I woke up so early, and it was a relief. I am not sure I would have made it through my class last night without it. I did not sleep much, but I did spend an hour with my eyes closed, and I felt much more refreshed once I did.

All of my Amazon orders arrived yesterday, including my new belt and shoes – which are truly gorgeous, and different from anything I’ve ever worn before. Even though I was not leaving the house, I did wear them last night to teach. The shoes are extremely comfortable, but also very stylish. My wife (who picked them from a selection of five that I showed her) has impeccable taste!

After two successful bowel movements these last two days my weight was down .6 lb. this morning, which is a relief. I am not really worrying about it this week, other than to keep an eye to make sure it does not get out of hand. With this morning’s drop I am back within that two-pounds guideline that I set for myself for the trip. I am also ever so slightly further away from the Obesity Class II category that I was so happy to be out of – yesterday morning my BMI was back up to 34.9 which is the outer limit for Class I. This morning it is back to 34.8. Phew!

I prepared a lovely piece of ahi tuna last night, but I am afraid I did not do a wonderful job of it. It did not taste bad, but I think it was a little overcooked. I marinated it in lemon juice all day, which might have been a mistake. I coated it with sesame seeds and air fried if for ten minutes. I suspect six minutes would have been perfect. Leslie made the rice which we both mixed with furikake. It was a reasonable meal, although I suspect a smaller piece of fish would be the order of the day next time… along with looking up cooking suggestions. I have to remember that ‘fish’ is not a food, and that different cuts of fish will cook differently. I certainly know how to prepare a nice piece of salmon, but tuna will be a try-again… but try harder.

Once I press the ‘publish’ button on this article, I am going to head out for a jog. I am not going to push my knee, so at any point when I feel it is straining I will slow to a brisk walk. I would like to reach ten kilometres (combined walk/jog) while I am in Dallas, but I will not consider it a failure if I do not. I know that Friday and Saturday I did 8km and 7.5km respectively, so I am really not that far off the goal. It is much cooler today than it was Saturday, so that will not be a factor (as it absolutely was then). It will all come down to my legs and my lungs.

When I am back from my jog, I will take a shower and then head to the cigar lounge for a couple of hours. I do not have to work tonight but I do have some paperwork that I need to do, as well as some reading. It won’t be too taxing, and it will be nice to see the boys there. I have not decided if I will have meal replacements, or if I will pick up a salad for lunch. We will see after my exercise outing. This evening I will take Leslie out for dinner, but I will definitely take it easy on the starches… the rice last night was so tasty, but I know it was an indulgence, and not one I should be doing on a regular basis.

Have a great day folks!

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