My Weight Loss Goals

When I originally went through the program, we were given an assignment: what were our weight-loss goals. I do see a few differences from then to now, but here is how I would do it today.

I have given a lot of thought to this ‘assignment’. There are so many things so many of us want to do, and I am no different. However, I don’t think there is anything I actually gave up because of my weight… just things I have done differently or worse.

Like so many of us (I assume) the little treats I would usually reward myself with have been food based. ‘When I lose 20lbs I can splurge and eat …’ Well, I decided that if I am going to break my relationship with food, which is my real goal with this program, then doing that would be counterproductive. I think that for me the goals I will set are going to be based chiefly on physical activity.

When I have lost 20lbs I will be able to wear most (or all) of my shirts without my belly hanging out.
When I have lost 40lbs I will be out of the 3XL shirts and into my 2XLs… and I will rotate my wardrobe. I won’t need to buy new, but I have a lot of clothes that do not fit in containers which will go onto my shelves… and all of my 3XL stuff will go into containers.
When I have lost 80lbs I will be jogging again, at least 5 miles per day, at least 4 times per week.
When I have lost 100lbs I will be changing out my wardrobe again… Goodbye 2XL, hello XL (and the size 40 (0r 38) pants.
When I have lost 120lbs I will start preparing to run a marathon.
When I have lost 140lbs I will resume teaching Taekwondo… hopefully in a Size 6 dobok (uniform).
When I have lost 170lbs I want to take pictures of myself… wearing my Army uniform!

I want to succeed. I will succeed. I must succeed!

This entire entry was copied from my previous journal, although I have changed almost all of the goals. What I had written in that journal was that based on the fact that I was living in Southern California, my ultimate goal was to be able to walk down the street shirtless and have women appreciate me, and to go to go to the beach and take off my t-shirt when I walk around in my bathing shorts. Of course, living back in Canada the beaches of Malibu are not just over the hill, and people here are nowhere near as shallow and judgemental as they are in California… but the goal is still a good one!

2 responses to “My Weight Loss Goals”

  1. These sound like very obtainable goals, but slow and steady… you will get there.


    1. True… I will get there eventually, but I know that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Thanks!


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