Water Water Everywhere…

Yes, drinking water (and a lot of it) is a crucial part of my new weight loss program. Yesterday morning I went to the kitchen and pulled out a very solid glass beer stein that holds 4 cups (33⅓ oz) of water. It would be perfect for me! Yesterday I filled (and drained) it five times. Today (at 4:30pm) I have already finished four steins and expect to go through a few more before bedtime.

While the stein is great, it is extremely heavy. It is not surprising, as a vessel engineered and built with the sole purpose of being wielded and clanked together by intoxicated Germans would need to have some heft to it.

My original thinking was that I was going to buy a plastic water bottle to take with me. I then remembered that I have a few of those, and do not really need another one. However, for sitting around the house (whether I am working or not), I would really like to have something large but more practical. After all, getting up from my desk fifteen times per day to refill a 16oz cup would be distracting… especially knowing that, drinking as much as 160oz in a day, I will already be up to the toilet many more times than usual.

clip_image002As I have done each time I started the program in the past, I decided to buy something that would be large (64oz) and durable, but also comfortable and practical. I opted for the Under Armour Playmaker 64oz Water Bottle Jug (in Breeze Blue). I like the look of it, and it looks like it will work nicely.

I did not want something that I needed to unscrew to drink from. As well, I have had a few water bottles that had smaller drink holes, which made it hard to get a good chug (which is how I prefer to drink water, especially when it is mandated that I have to drink as much of it as I do.

It may sound silly but when you have to focus on drinking a lot of water throughout every day, having an appropriate and comfortable vessel for it is important. I do not want to have to be doing dishes twice a day, I don’t want to be uncomfortable or unhappy with it, and I do not want to be inconvenienced by it. For the next few months, this will be the container that I consume from the most, and while I did not want to spend so much that it would be a luxury item, I also did not just want to buy something that I would be uncomfortable with… or have to settle for.

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