The Scales

One of the reasons we are encouraged to not weigh ourselves daily is that there will be days when the numbers on the scale may be up, but if we stick the program, we will see a downward trend… even with those occasional upticks.

Another reason why I should not be weighing myself daily is that (as I mentioned on Day 1) when you are close to the scale’s maximum weight, they tend to be inaccurate, and so the weight I recorded was indeed an estimate.

Yesterday I weighed myself, and I was down 2.5lbs. Yay. This morning I weighed myself and I was not only up from yesterday, but I was also up from my original Day 1 estimate. While this might have been discouraging to many, I know the realities, and I took it in stride. As long as I stick to the program, no matter what the scale might say, in as little as a week I will start to feel a difference in how my clothes fit.

While I am going to step onto the scale daily, I expect that I am 30lbs from being to get a consistently accurate reading from the scale. I am comforted to know that over that time (which may take 6-8 weeks to accomplish) I will be losing weight, and I will be getting smaller, and my clothes will be fitting better. Until such time as I am within a (sic!) reasonable weight range, I know that the numbers on the scale will not be telling me an accurate story. I also know that if I am true to the program (even though I am drinking coffee) then I will be shedding the pounds at a marvelous rate… even if it one that cannot yet be accurately recorded.

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