Day 7

If I get through the day, I will have made it through a full week. I am excited, elated, but most of all I am relieved. I know that the hardest part is actually getting started. To quote from my previous weight loss journal: “My diet is becoming more of a habit than a chore.” Okay, that is paraphrasing… but as the original author I hereby grant myself that permission and license.

The problem between then and now is that the numbers on the scale are not dropping like I did last time. On Day 7 in 2019 I wrote that I had lost 16.8lbs thus far. As I cannot rely on the accuracy of my bathroom scale at my present weight, it is possible that I am on the same pace… but if I were to trust the numbers as they have recorded, I am well under that. Even with my guesstimate being where it is, I am down under 13lbs this morning. While that is a respectable (if not amazing) first week loss, I cannot help but long for the bigger surge lost last time.

I am feeing better than I did a week ago. Both sitting at my desk, and when I was out walking my dog, I feel somewhat more comfortable in myself. That might all be in my head, and it could be that my knee is getting better… or it could be that I am suddenly walking about with 10lbs less of a load, and by any measure that is significant.

I got through my class last night on three lozenges, spread throughout the five hours. I made a couple of timing mistakes, but they worked out well, and I ended up giving the class two 15-minute breaks on top of their 30-minute dinner break instead of one. The problem was that at the end of the last break I started the lecture, and ten minutes later I realized I had not had my last meal replacement… and I was hungry and sluggish. Rather than trying to soldier through (which would have meant eating that last meal replacement at 11:45pm), I told the class I needed a quick bio-break, and I snuck off camera to eat the last bar. My water intake for the day was good too…

Midway through the afternoon, I realized that I was hungry. It was literally just ninety minutes after my lunch shake. I actually sat down and wrote a blog article about it (Hunger), and how I decided to not cheat, rather I went outside, braved the cold, and smoked a cigar. Even under the heater I had to bundle myself up and keep my gloves on, but the cigar accomplished its goal… I forgot my hunger and resumed my meal replacement schedule on track. I will consider that a big win for Day 6.

My diet buddy told me this morning that she is not doing as well. She had a bad day yesterday, but has not elaborated on it, other to say that her head is not in it. She is a teacher and will not be available to talk until the end of the day, but I am going to try to get her on the phone and see what I can do to support and encourage her.

I posted just yesterday that my first goal is to comfortably wear a pair of pants that don’t fit. I am going to try them on today. If I have lost 15lbs then they I should at least be able to close the buckle, if not actually wear them comfortably. We’ll see. I suppose I should make it a priority to go through all of the clothes that I have and sort them by size, so that as I do start to shrink, I can simply grab the next bin, rather than constantly having to rummage through things. I might do that today.

No rest for the wicked… time for me to actually start being productive! Have a great day everyone!

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  1. So happy for you and proud of you!!!!!! ❤ Keep going babe


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