Day 44

I am rather looking forward to seeing my doctor on Tuesday and asking him – at gunpoint if need be – to prescribe me Colchicine. In the meantime, I continue taking Naproxen, Aspirin, and Tylenol thrice daily. I have to wonder if over the years I have developed a resistance to Naproxen, having taken it for so many things. I know that my left foot is swollen terribly and is in a lot of pain, despite the anti-inflamatories and other pain relievers I am taking. I have (and am still refusing to use) the narcotic pain killers I have left over from my root canal last autumn. I do not think it will get quite so bad as to have me taking that. The good news is that when I am not moving, I am not in a lot of pain. In other words, unlike my knee (which was much more painful, but is no longer bothering me), it is not impeding my sleep.

I have a couple of meetings today: one for a customer, and one with my American accountant to do my taxes. I put that meeting off a few weeks ago, not because I am afraid to speak with her, but rather because the appointment conflicted with a dentist appointment. When things fall out of your mouth, it is best to have them fixed at the dentist’s convenience… tax season or not.

I have been working over the last few days (nearly a week by this point) on booking a trip to Cuba with Leslie, and a couple who are friends from California. I am hoping that today I will be able to get that done; I am looking forward to spending a few days on the beach, and if possible, a few days in Havana as well.

I indulged yesterday. I do not care a whit about the second salad that I made myself after lunch because I was still hungry. Once that was done, I sat eating pumpkin seeds for a few minutes. I probably had 250 calories worth of them. Again, not the worst thing in the world… but I have to be able to rein myself in! Today will be better.

The bathroom scale situation is frustrating. I have always been able to hold myself better accountable when I weigh myself and see that the weight is not coming off. I have always rejoiced in being able to track definite downward trends on a daily basis. Not being able to do that because of the inaccuracy of the scale is maddening. I know, I will go to the doctor’s office every two weeks and get weighed there… but being able to see daily progress has always been helpful. No, I am not going to move to an apartment with a more solid floor in the bathroom… but I might start exploring the floor in the bedroom to see if I can get a consistently accurate reading there.

Tomorrow I am going to see my god kids, and I am looking forward to seeing them… but not to seeing the foods their mother will be putting out for me! Willpower is the word of the weekend!

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