Day 76

The pains in my foot are worse than they were, and I am worried that when I tell that to my doctor tomorrow, he is going to start considering alternatives… like arthritis. In truth, it could be that I have not been taking the medications as prescribed – I have been taking it once per... Continue Reading →

Day 56

I was very good on the diet yesterday, and yet the bathroom scale took back a full pound of weight loss. What I wouldn’t do for a solid floor on which I could reliably weigh myself? Of course, after a ten-pound drop in just over a week, I feel it’s a little like the Canada... Continue Reading →

Day 55

A demonstration of willpower: Last week, I went to Costco. I picked up several items for myself, and knowing how much she loves them, I bought a bag of dried mangos for Leslie. That was Friday. Today is Tuesday, and I have still not opened the bag. Three months ago, the bag would not only... Continue Reading →

Day 50

I woke up this morning unsure of how I was feeling. As is customary, I sat on “the throne” for near on an hour, which is not unusual; it is where I check my email, Facebook, and I complete any games that I might play on my phone (I only really play two games –... Continue Reading →

Explaining Today… or Yesterday.

It was just past 1:00am when HRF Princess Sophie and I walked back into our apartment in Burlington. With gasoline at the highest price I have ever seen in any country ($1.849/litre as I was arriving home) I was not really thinking about that; I knew that we would be driving about 375km on Saturday,... Continue Reading →

Day 44

I am rather looking forward to seeing my doctor on Tuesday and asking him – at gunpoint if need be – to prescribe me Colchicine. In the meantime, I continue taking Naproxen, Aspirin, and Tylenol thrice daily. I have to wonder if over the years I have developed a resistance to Naproxen, having taken it... Continue Reading →

Day 43

The beginning of Week 7, and I am not sure that I am on the right track. I know, I should not be expecting the meteoric weight loss that I experienced when I did the program religiously, but I wonder if I have taken too many liberties with it. I will spend another week or... Continue Reading →

Day 42

Whatever discomfort I felt in my foot yesterday was multiplied exponentially this morning. As I can think of no injury or event that might have caused this agony, I must assume it to be a flareup of gout. I have been having issues with gout in my right (and recently injured) foot of late, but... Continue Reading →

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