Day 49 Part 1

In a few minutes I am off to the doctor’s appointment to get weighed, and hopefully get meds for my gout. I am disappointed that I have not lost more weight; in fact, I suspect that my weight will register the same today as it did two weeks ago. That’s what happens when you fall off a cliff. Fortunately, I do not expect to weigh more than I did then… after the crap that went on in my head this past weekend, it could have been much worse than status quo.

My diet buddy moved up our meeting from tomorrow (our regular Thursday meeting) to today. She is a teacher, and she is going away tomorrow for Spring Break. Originally, her plan was to go to Florida, and she wanted to lose as much weight as possible so that she might not be the fattest person on the beach (her words, not mine). She changed her mind and is going to Yukon. She assures me that it is to see her ex-wife, and not commentary on her weight-loss failures.

Okay, I’m off to see the doctor. Wish me luck!

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