Day 51

Despite whatever fears I might have had last night, the bathroom scale was friendly this morning. If I had just weighed myself the once, I had lost four pounds from yesterday. However, knowing that I do not trust my bathroom, I got onto the scale three more times before getting a steady reading of just about half a pound down, which is certainly more reasonable.

I always feel better after a haircut, but the next morning, after I have washed and shampooed, I feel even better. I know she prefers my hair slightly longer, but Leslie was quite taken by this haircut. Perhaps it was because the barber trimmed and tidied my beard as well… I do it on my own when needed, but I know I am not very good at it. When he does it, I know that the beard looks nice and even.

I am going to work toward a reasonably easy and relaxing day today. I have a client meeting this morning and will likely have 2-3 hours of work from that. By midday the temperature will be around 0°c, which is about where it is now. The snow is expected to last all day, but that has never stopped me from sitting on my covered balcony with a cigar… or two. I might try to get together with friends over the weekend, but for today I want to just stay home and stay put. I know that Princess Sophie will be delighted if I take a nap with her at some point. It is just going to be one of those days.

With regard to food, I am defrosting chicken for dinner. I have had a lot of fish over the last few days (including a lovely salmon steak last night, prepared with a dash of salt, a bit too much pepper, and fresh dill), and for the Sabbath meal I will switch back to my old favourite.

If I can get a definitive answer from my friend T, I will also be booking our trip today. I am crossing my fingers that he takes his fingers out and makes up his mind!

Have a great day everyone!

2 responses to “Day 51”

  1. You look nice baby! ❤ I like to play with your hair when its longer, but you clean up nicely. I miss you something serious and very much look forward to seeing you soon.

    Take it easy this weekend and BE NICE TO YOURSELF. After last weekend, goodness… breathe, with or without cigars, 😉 recharge your batteries and get ready for next week.

    I am going to need some new cigar related art material soon…. I'm thinking about doing something in the interim but would like to start rolling something around in my head before the trip.


    1. Without cigars? I don’t understand… what did I do to deserve that? 🙂


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