Day 57

I was a bit off yesterday. There was no particular reason for it that I could discern, but I was a bit melancholy. I went off the diet both in quantities of food – I ate an extra salad with an extra can of salmon – and in foods eaten… I ate a bag of microwave popcorn. I suppose the combination of the two are why the bathroom scale was, once again, slightly up this morning. There is nothing to say but I will do better today.

The plans are to spend much of the day with my friend Eduardo. The original plan was for him to come spend the afternoon smoking cigars on the balcony, but for reasons I will not elaborate on we will now be spending the day at his son’s house. I used to work for the son, who is not only a very nice guy but also an occasional cigar smoker. I have in the past smoked some very lovely cigars from him; whether I will smoke his cigars today or my own does not matter, I know it will be a lovely day.

While today’s high temperature of 16°c is 5-10° higher than any other in the ten-day forecast, it is nice to know that there is only one low temperature in that time frame that is predicted to be below zero. Spring is in the air, and you will hear no complaints from me about that! I briefly considered driving to Montreal for the weekend but decided not to. I will stick around here and enjoy the weather as it warms up… without having to spend the ridiculous price at the pump to fill my tank. It is not only for that reason that I will allow Eduardo to drive us to his son’s (he lives 45 minutes away), but it is certainly a consideration.

Have a great day folks!

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