Day 142

A few extra mangos and some peanuts a few days ago caused my weight to jump nearly a pound and a half. Yet this morning, after a mostly good day, I was only down .2 lbs. Yes, I did have a couple of extra meal replacements… but I was still on a pretty good day.... Continue Reading →

Day 141

There are days when I am optimistic. Other days, I am less so… but I put on a brave face. I do not have a brave face to put on today. I just cannot bring myself to be cheerful and positive. The best I can do is to try to not jump off the wagon.... Continue Reading →

Day 140

I stepped onto the scale this morning expecting to see the wrath of my cheating. I was surprised to be .6 lbs down from yesterday, which is awesome. The good news is that there is no more dried mango in the house. I will also admit that yes, I had some peanuts yesterday morning.There are... Continue Reading →

Day 114

So yesterday was one of the great romantic days... and no, I did not take time out to blog. There will be, at some point in the next week, a full article on Operation National Proposal, the way I proposed to Leslie, the planning, and the lead-up. I will not go into more detail now... Continue Reading →

Day 112

Welcome to Paradise. As someone who knows the ropes, has been to Cuba before, and who knows what to expect, the hardest part about getting to the resort was the flight delays. I do understand that Leslie fits into none of those boxes, and was therefore anxious about a lot of it. I was happy... Continue Reading →

Day 103

Again, the only transgression of yesterday’s intake was the peanuts. I think I am doing okay. I am once again down ever so slightly from yesterday, and I hope to continue on the path… a little bit lower every day. I know it will take a year or more to reach my goal, but I... Continue Reading →


Okay, the honest title of this article should be Breads! But then I would have to explain that it had to be spoken in the voice of the zombies from an episode of The Simpsons… and I hate having to spend three sentences prior to writing my article trying to explain the title. I hope... Continue Reading →

Day 92

Yesterday was a day of triumphs, a day of celebrations. Yesterday was the day that one misguided conversation led to heartbreak.I left the doctor’s office slightly disappointed that while I achieved my goal of being under the maximum weight limit of their regular scale, I fell short of my semi-weekly goal of losing two and... Continue Reading →

Food Addiction

There is a difficult side to food addiction that most other addictions do not have. It makes it hard for people who are not addicted to understand it. It makes it difficult for people who are not overweight to ‘get’ why we don’t just cut down on our food intake. Eat less food = lose... Continue Reading →

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