Day 62

I should be going to the doctor to get weighed today. In fact, I just decided I will. See you in a bit!

Okay, I am back… except I did not go to the doctor’s office. I thought to call, and they told me I could only come in this afternoon… at which point it would be too late. Weights fluctuate throughout the day, and I want to stick to getting weighed in the morning. Tomorrow morning, 10:00am.

I have had a couple of non-scale victories over the last couple of days. Firstly, I am able to close all of the buttons on my spring/autumn jacket! They all pop if I bend down, but one thing at a time. Secondly, I realized this morning (after it was too late to change) that my belt is on its last hole… and is too loose to reliably hold up my pants. This will be the last day that I wear it, and I am happy to be rid of it.

Yesterday’s food intake was pretty good… I switched up the timing of my second meal – rather than having my dinner in the evening, I had it mid-afternoon, and then had a shake in the evening. I do not think that would have any detrimental effect on my progress. The bathroom scale did register me up by less than half a pound this morning, but that is after several straight days of serious loss. I am not concerned that I am losing momentum, as I know my food intake has been pretty good (despite the handful of peanuts I had from Bulk Barn the other day).

My plans for the day are to stay the course! I cannot think of any changes I will have to make, and I want to keep up the good work.

Have a great day folks!

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