Day 67

I was doing so well, too.

I had a bar in the morning and then spent lunchtime with my dad’s widow. She is on a diet too, so she told me she would be having a protein bar. Excellent, that means that I don’t have to pick up lunch. I had a shake.

I should mention that I had two friends that I wanted to connect with yesterday, but neither worked out. I would have found myself at a Starbucks or similar, which would have been temptation. That was avoided.

I spent the afternoon and evening at my buddy Stephane’s garage and workshop, which is not unusual when I am in Montreal. He and his wife were having pork chops for dinner, and sensitive to my religious restrictions they suggested I pick up a shawarma plate and join them. That is exactly what I did. Again, no bread, no rice, no potatoes. I got up from the meal feeling like it was a nice treat, but not an extravagant one.

And then Diane baked cookies…

I confess, I had two chocolate chip cookies which were wonderful, but sinful… but oh so good! I regret it, but at the time they were delicious.

I came back to my friends’ house where I am staying, and they were not home. I took that opportunity to do some regular maintenance on one of their laptops, and found I was still hungry. I had a bowl of for flakes. Yes, that is a weird thing to eat at 11:30pm. I had opened their fridge to see a lot of un-kosher foods, and this was the safest.

I will try to do better today.

2 responses to “Day 67”

  1. You left out the drink of “Eww” I see. Commenting here so we may never forget that V8 = EWWW

    Love you! ❤️


    1. Love you too! Yes, for all to know… My Beloved does NOT like vegetable cocktail drinks of any sort! (She also has a healthy dislike for plain Corn Flakes…)


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