Day 79

Yesterday was another good day for the program. I did not do a lot of moving or exercising, but I was true to the program. My goal for today is to try to do the same, but to get a longer walk in. Maybe Leslie and I will go for a long walk this afternoon without HRF Princess Sophie, who impedes the flow and continuity of a walk too often for it to be genuine exercise.

I do have a couple of planned aberrations from the program. Firstly, either today or Sunday I suspect that we will be going to our friends’ house for dinner, and Lyle is a gourmet chef. While he will be partially respectful of my diet, he usually goes a bit over. Also, the last time we were there, I opted to have a piece of cake… I should not do that again. Tomorrow we are going to Cam and Amanda’s for the afternoon, I am not going to try to get Amanda to cook around my diet; not as the mother of two young children who also has a full-time job.

I am happy that I have not been tempted by any of the snacks I bought for Leslie. Even right now, there is a large bag of dried mangos within easy reach of my desk… not to mention the bag of marshmallows (one of her weaknesses). I am much more interested in the mango than the marshmallows, but I know that both are full of sugar, and I have to stay away from both.

I don’t have a lot to do today, but I have some… I will split the workday between working and smoking cigars. I also have to go to the supermarket to pick up some fish for dinner. Leslie will prepare the rice and I will prepare the fish and a good meal will be had by all. I do not think I will pick up salmon… I have had a lot of that lately, and I know that it is a very fatty fish. I see that Fortinos has Pacific halibut steak on sale, and I might pick up a couple of those. We will see. Whatever I pick up, we will have a nice fish for dinner. Yes, it is Friday… trust me, my dietary choices are not the least of the issues the Vatican might have with me.

It was raining when I took Her Floofness for her walk earlier, but it is looking much brighter now. I am going to make an omelet for Leslie (she had meetings all morning, so breakfast didn’t work out), and then I will probably sit on the patio and read the book I am using to write the course from.

Have a great day!

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