Day 158

We had a Bonney day today! Last evening we went for sushi, and it was really delicious. We then went to Cigars International, where it was packed! We met another couple who were on their third date, and when they heard we were celebrating they bought us drinks and cigars. We really enjoyed our time... Continue Reading →

Day 157

I just failed my renewal assessment for one of my certifications. It is for a technology that I use, but I do not use most of the features. I will have to re-take the certification exam at some point in the future, but it is not something that I am particularly worried about.Last night was... Continue Reading →

Day 149

Leslie and I are officially licensed to get married. Unfortunately Monday is a federal holiday, so we have to try to do it Tuesday. Good things come to those who wait! For breakfast I had an impossible sausage sandwich from Starbucks, and lunch was dim sum (all chicken). So tasty!!

Day 146

There are moments of anxiety mixed in with the excitement, knowing that in a couple of days I am flying to Dallas to be with my fiancée. The last time I tried to enter into the United States, I was denied entry. I do not think this will be a concern on Thursday, although I... Continue Reading →

Day 144

I lost my cool yesterday and wish I could go back in time to change that. I am honestly not sure though if I should have walked away or punched the guy. Folks, here’s a suggestion: Never tell a Jewish person a joke about Hitler not being a bad guy and the gassing of Jews... Continue Reading →

Day 143

I was convinced that today’s weight would be bad. I cheated yesterday with peanuts (although a reasonable amount), and some very dark chocolate, which has been in the house for months. With that said, I did not have my evening meal replacement, so it must have balanced out. I lost 1.6 lbs from yesterday. Remember... Continue Reading →

Kindly Shut Up!

I mentioned earlier that I was at a friend’s birthday party over the weekend, and it was a lovely day… that was marred by my friend trying to get me to eat something that I should not eat. In this particular case, he was telling me how good the blood sausage was. I told him... Continue Reading →

Day 138

I fell off the wagon yesterday… hard. Eduardo’s birthday barbecue was a great family affair, and I saw a lot of people I have not seen in years. My friend – and he truly is a friend – tried to convince me to eat blood sausage, which is not kosher for many reasons. It stuck... Continue Reading →

Day 135

This morning I stepped out of the shower, I shaved, and then I went to the bathroom scale. Knowing that yesterday morning I had lost over a pound and a half, I was not expecting anything of significance today. I was not only pleasantly surprised, but also thrilled to be at a new low on... Continue Reading →

Day 133

Yes, I cheated yesterday. In the evening I had a bag of popcorn and an extra meal replacement bar. I do not know why I was so hungry, but I was. I will do better today. The result is a very slight gain from yesterday. Today I will do better.I realized last night that I... Continue Reading →

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