Day 93

Yesterday was my first attempt (after my celebratory day on Wednesday) at preparing my large/hot meal for lunch. I also decided that rather than having a large salad with a can of salmon for dinner, I would have a meal replacement. My salads may be really tasty and healthy, but if you factor in the entire can of tuna, they are also easily a 500-calorie meal. Yesterday’s consumption consisted of:

  • A meal replacement shake in the morning.
  • Two pieces of chicken, plus a large salad at lunch.
  • A meal replacement shake in the mid-afternoon.
  • A meal replacement shake in the mid-evening.
  • A pot of coffee.
  • A lot of water.

I might have been tempted to have more, but in truth I was quite satisfied by what I ate (and drank). I will try to repeat the same plan today and see how it goes after a couple of days.

Despite all of that, my weight this morning was up slightly… but after the tremendous drop yesterday, that is no surprise. As long as the general trend is downward, I will take comfort in knowing that I am doing the right thing.

It was a beautiful day yesterday, so one might think that I would have been easily found lounging on the balcony and smoking cigars. No, I can’t do that… the procrastination I have done over the last few weeks means that I am now down to crunch time with regard to creating the course that I have to deliver next week. I worked on it for a couple of hours, but I also had a lot of other things going on. Today seems to be a lovely day as well, but I will not be indulging today… not until this evening, possibly.

Okay, I have been procrastinating long enough. It is time for me to try to get some work done.

Have a great day folks!

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