Day 145

I am not sure why I have been putting off writing this morning. I sat down at my computer over an hour ago, and it took me this long to get through my first sentences. Sigh.Yesterday morning I took my boys for breakfast at the same place we usually go. I sent our favourite waitress... Continue Reading →

Day 142

A few extra mangos and some peanuts a few days ago caused my weight to jump nearly a pound and a half. Yet this morning, after a mostly good day, I was only down .2 lbs. Yes, I did have a couple of extra meal replacements… but I was still on a pretty good day.... Continue Reading →

Day 138

I fell off the wagon yesterday… hard. Eduardo’s birthday barbecue was a great family affair, and I saw a lot of people I have not seen in years. My friend – and he truly is a friend – tried to convince me to eat blood sausage, which is not kosher for many reasons. It stuck... Continue Reading →

Day 137

I am a little disappointed to be nearly one pound up today over yesterday. Even though I did cheat (I had 100g of peanuts, as well as a kiwi (thanks to my son… long story), and a couple of pieces of dried mango. I do not think that any of those were the reason I... Continue Reading →

Day 135

This morning I stepped out of the shower, I shaved, and then I went to the bathroom scale. Knowing that yesterday morning I had lost over a pound and a half, I was not expecting anything of significance today. I was not only pleasantly surprised, but also thrilled to be at a new low on... Continue Reading →

Day 133

Yes, I cheated yesterday. In the evening I had a bag of popcorn and an extra meal replacement bar. I do not know why I was so hungry, but I was. I will do better today. The result is a very slight gain from yesterday. Today I will do better.I realized last night that I... Continue Reading →

Day 127

My Bulk Barn experiment failed, but only marginally… and only because my ability to convert grams to ounces is weak. I should also mention that while the experiment did not go as planned, I did nonetheless learn a great deal from it which will help with my weight loss going forward.I went in and measured... Continue Reading →

Day 109

I ate too much yesterday, but it was only quantity. Esti and I went to Scores for lunch, and I ordered the chicken. The only ‘cheat’ was the salad dressing I put on my salad. In the evening, I went to Cote St. Luc Barbecue, which used to be a favourite of mine. Again, I... Continue Reading →

Day 104

Microsoft technology is annoying me again today. I am not spending the same time trying to figure it out as I did a couple of weeks ago, I just shifted to another computer. Argh. You would think that a set of technologies that I know so well would not be quite so frustrating.I went to... Continue Reading →

Day 93

Yesterday was my first attempt (after my celebratory day on Wednesday) at preparing my large/hot meal for lunch. I also decided that rather than having a large salad with a can of salmon for dinner, I would have a meal replacement. My salads may be really tasty and healthy, but if you factor in the... Continue Reading →

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