Day 109

I ate too much yesterday, but it was only quantity. Esti and I went to Scores for lunch, and I ordered the chicken. The only ‘cheat’ was the salad dressing I put on my salad. In the evening, I went to Cote St. Luc Barbecue, which used to be a favourite of mine. Again, I had the chicken (obviously), and the only cheat was the salad bar.

In addition to all of that chicken, I had a couple of pieces of cheese throughout the day. All in all, I think I did pretty well… considering. I had plenty of opportunity to cheat, I had the desire to cheat. I did not cheat. I may be a pound or so up when I get back home from the weekend, but it shouldn’t be worse than that.

It’s a beautiful day out. Today is Mother’s Day, a day that I have always had trouble with, given the complicated and mostly negative relationship I had with my mother. On the other hand, I thank all of the good mothers in my life, starting with my ex-wife, who gave me two wonderful children. Today is also the Yahrzeit… the anniversary of my father’s passing. I will be going back to the cemetery in a few minutes. After that, my buddy Stephane and I will have a cigar, and then I’ll either see a couple of other friends or hit the road. We’ll see how I am feeling.

Have a great day folks!

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