Day 128

I hate bathroom scales. I think I am going to move into my doctor’s office so that I can get an accurate read every morning. I got onto the scale, and it was flip-flopping between two numbers that look very similar to yesterday’s number. I stepped off, nudged it closer to the wall, and when I got back on, it read that I am 2.4 lbs down from yesterday. I got back on twice more to confirm, and that’s where it stands. Unstable floors suck.

So yes, I still hate the floor in my apartment. That is the biggest reason my bathroom (sic) scale is unreliable. I hope that in the bedroom it is more accurate, and some days it is… and then there are days like today, when I get this crap. My cleaning lady was here Wednesday and quipped to me that the landlord is going to have to replace the floors when I move out. Funny you should mention it Kerry, but I just told the landlady the other day that very same thing. I also said that if they (the owners) try to deduct it from my security deposit, I would ask her to testify to my lifestyle, which is mostly clean and orderly, and certainly not destructive. She can also testify that HRF Princess Sophie has not once ever had an accident in the apartment. I do not think it would ever come to that though… I informed the owners in the first month or two of my lease that the floors were literally coming apart in places, and when they were showing me the apartment before I moved in, even they pointed out some places in the floor that were weak and uneven.

Yesterday was my first peanut-free day. That is not to say that I did not cheat. Thanks Gilly. No, I am not blaming my son the younger for my cheating… it only sounds that way. He wanted to go to Lone Star Grill for dinner, and so we did. He ordered a plate of Buffalo wings and an order of chips with queso… which from what I can tell is a sort of Velveeta dip that while similar to cheese is actually mostly a liquid. I stole as many as a dozen chips from him throughout the course of the meal, which for me was a chicken Caesar salad, which I had to send back once because even if it was just for show (which it is not), I cannot in good conscience sit in a restaurant wearing a kippa (yarmulke, Jewish head covering that resembles and is sometimes referred to as a beanie) while eating a salad with bacon bits. Yes, it was a pretty decent salad… and what with me asking them to go light on the dressing and without the bacon, it was much less even than the 560 calories listed on their menu.

The menu also listed a Buffalo cauliflower option, but that was 720 calories, and the reviews online were not great. With that said, I am thinking of trying to make it in the next few days… We’ll see.

This morning I promised Leslie I would look at something for her (really for us), and then I will make a reasonable lunch. Eduardo might come over later in the day for a cigar, and it would be great to see him. However other than that I have no real plans of straying far from home today… and certainly not to Bulk Barn!

Oh, also I am hoping that my diet buddy reschedules our meeting for later today. I was with my son when we were supposed to meet, so I missed our regular time slot.

Have a great day!

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