Kindly Shut Up!

I mentioned earlier that I was at a friend’s birthday party over the weekend, and it was a lovely day… that was marred by my friend trying to get me to eat something that I should not eat. In this particular case, he was telling me how good the blood sausage was. I told him... Continue Reading →

Day 128

I hate bathroom scales. I think I am going to move into my doctor’s office so that I can get an accurate read every morning. I got onto the scale, and it was flip-flopping between two numbers that look very similar to yesterday’s number. I stepped off, nudged it closer to the wall, and when... Continue Reading →

Day 98

We are not yet at next week, but I hope nonetheless that I am in a better frame of mind today than I was yesterday. I know the work that I still have to do today, and while there is a deadline, I am nonetheless back on track to complete the task before the hard... Continue Reading →

Losing and Gaining and Losing Again

I wrote earlier about the times I have lost weight, and then gained it back. After I finished that piece, I decided to go back to look and see just how long it takes to fall from grace.The first time I lost the weight, I was following a medically supervised intensive program. I lost one... Continue Reading →

Day 61

Welcome to a brand-new week! It is going to be a lovely day today, and so when I am not working (and I do have some work to do during the day) I plan to be sitting outside enjoying the sunshine. I heard good news from the wife of my dad’s friend yesterday that he... Continue Reading →

Day 46

While today has not been a perfect start to the day, I am going to make it better than yesterday. That is my only goal. It is windy out, but unseasonably warm. I am going to drive over to Lyle and Dorothy’s house for a cigar or two, and probably dinner. It will be good... Continue Reading →

Day 23

Yesterday would have been a good day… had I not had pumpkin seeds to put on my salad. I do not think the seeds on the salad were the problem, but the fact that I devoured the rest during my evening break was. I must have added 300 calories to my daily total… not to... Continue Reading →


I fell off the diet wagon today, and I am ashamed of myself. The only good news of it is that most of what I fell off with was not too bad, and all stuff I have in the house – which means that I did not get a bag of chips or candy or... Continue Reading →

Addictions and Gluttony

This comic was delivered to my inbox this morning. Candy Polyamory - The OatmealHow many times have I felt this? How often have I bought a large bag of chips or chocolates (by coincidence, I would usually go for the Peanut M&Ms that are depicted in the comic) and enjoy them… alone. I would go... Continue Reading →

Day 18

The nearly one-pound that I was heavier on the bathroom scale this morning can easily be attributed to the unevenness of the floor, or that I did not weigh myself at the same time this morning, or simply to the fact that weigh-ins are not meant to be every day, and there are occasional blips... Continue Reading →

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