Day 129

It is no surprise that the bathroom scale was up this morning. Yes, I had a glass of rum with my son… but it was more because it just did not make sense that I had lost five pounds in five days. Yes, I am down this week… but just over three pounds, which makes a lot more sense.

I should also mention that my dinner, while very healthy, was extremely high in calories. I made a salmon steak with a side of steamed vegetables. The vegetables were fine, but it looks like the salmon might have had as much as 1,400 calories in it. I have to make a point to not do that one too often.

Other than that, I was pretty good. I should not have had the rum but knowing that my son the elder wanted to talk to me about something, I felt it would put his mind at ease if I drank with him.

Plans for today: Stay on the path. I’ll head over to Ryan’s for a cigar or three, and will avoid all of the temptations they put on the table (there are always nuts and chips and popcorn and such around).

Have a great day!

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