Day 132

As predicted, I was not going to win any prizes on the golf course yesterday. I hit a few good shots, I hit a lot of bad shots. It was a beautiful day to be outside, and I am happy I did it. What I should do is go to a driving range somewhere today. We will see about that. I have a game with a friend on Thursday, and wouldn’t it be nice to not suck up the course? We’ll see. I do have to do some shopping this morning. Maybe after I am done, I will go to the range.

I did not cheat at all yesterday… although my schedule was off. My morning shake was normal, but then I did not have anything else to eat until after golf. I came home and almost immediately took the Princess for a walk, but not before I put the chicken into the air fryer. When we came home, I steamed the vegetables, and everything came out great. A couple of hours later I was still hungry, so I had a meal replacement bar… I am going to have to order more this week. At around 7:30pm I made a salad with a can of tuna, and around 9:30pm I had another shake. I ate within my program, only the times were off. Yes, I know I should not be eating at 9:30pm. I was 1.4 lbs down on the scale this morning, which is a huge yay!

A trip to the supermarket is urgent because I am out of all of the provisions that I would need for a normal day on my diet program. I will buy vegetables, chicken (and probably a couple of pieces of fish), as well as some of the seasoning that I bought last time. Oh, and I think there is a vegetable seasoning that I might like for my steamed vegetables. I have enough milk for coffee, and I still have at least a half dozen cans of tuna. Chicken, fish, and vegetables, and some seasoning is all I will need. Oh, and I will look in the treats section to see if there is anything fun to bring to Dallas!

Today is HRF Princess’ birthday! So yes, I will be spoiling her rotten. I might forego PetSmart and head to a gourmet doggie bakery to pick up some treats for her. While PetSmart is great, they can always be relied upon to have the same old stuff. I think if I head to Bark & Fitz there will be plenty of new options, which she will love. Yes, I plan to spoil my girl today… I will be mixing some chicken in with her evening meal for sure! I thought of just giving her chicken, but knowing her, she would expect that forever, and would never taste kibble again. No, I cannot do that.

The high temperatures today is predicted at 31°c, which is about 88°F. It will be a good day to relax. I might call Lyle and see if he wants to smoke on his patio, which has a nice breeze. We’ll see.

Have a great day!

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