On My Way

I finally fell asleep around 3:30am and slept about 4.5 hours. Yes, I am tired. I took care of my morning rituals, and then I packed my sundries into my suitcase. Yes, it was really weird waking up without Princess Sophie needing to go for a walk.I mentioned in my middle-of-the-night post that I did... Continue Reading →

Day 148

It is 1:00am Thursday morning, and I am too wired to sleep.After two hours of Taekwondo on Tuesday, I golfed eighteen holes on Wednesday. I am definitely feeling it, but not in a bad way. That is not why I am not sleeping.I only ate one proper meal Wednesday, a nice piece of salmon with... Continue Reading →

Day 147

Yesterday morning I watched the video of my Black Belt test on Facebook Memories. It got me excited, reminding me of what I used to be able to do. I decided to do something about it. I reached out to one of the guys I used to train with – one of the guys I... Continue Reading →

Day 137

I am a little disappointed to be nearly one pound up today over yesterday. Even though I did cheat (I had 100g of peanuts, as well as a kiwi (thanks to my son… long story), and a couple of pieces of dried mango. I do not think that any of those were the reason I... Continue Reading →

Day 136

As you probably know, I seldom write in advance. My schedule in the morning is pretty set – After I am out of the washroom, I weigh myself and then get dressed to take Princess Sophie for her walk. When we come back, I make coffee and my breakfast shake, and I take the shake... Continue Reading →

Day 135

This morning I stepped out of the shower, I shaved, and then I went to the bathroom scale. Knowing that yesterday morning I had lost over a pound and a half, I was not expecting anything of significance today. I was not only pleasantly surprised, but also thrilled to be at a new low on... Continue Reading →

Day 134

This should be easy math: Yesterday I did not (really) cheat, and therefore my weight this morning was down. While it is certainly the case today, it frustrates me that it does not always work this way. Yes, my measurement on the bathroom scale was a good one (not quite my lowest weigh-in, but close).... Continue Reading →

Day 132

As predicted, I was not going to win any prizes on the golf course yesterday. I hit a few good shots, I hit a lot of bad shots. It was a beautiful day to be outside, and I am happy I did it. What I should do is go to a driving range somewhere today.... Continue Reading →

Day 131

Yes, I had popcorn at the movie theatre yesterday, with a large Coke Zero. Yes, I know that I should avoid treats like movie theatre popcorn at all costs. Yes, I know that aside from the 600 calories, it contains 31g of fats and 67g of carbohydrates. I made the conscious decision, knowing all of... Continue Reading →

Golf Can Be Exercise… or not.

About eighteen months ago I started golfing again. In fact, I became a very frequent golfer, often playing 5-6 times per week. I would either play with friends, or I would go to the course and let them pair me with someone new. It was quite relaxing, and very enjoyable. With very few exceptions, I... Continue Reading →

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