Hit the Trails!

It was Thursday that I tore up my feet, and it took me until today (Monday) to get back out there… and out there I got. Even though the skies were getting dark, I wanted to get out there. If walking is going to be a habit and not just something I try to do once in a while, I have to keep going.

I think I mentioned last week that a friend gave me a cap that I like but don’t love, but I rather felt it would be a great hat to keep my head dry while walking in the rain. It does have a fatal flaw though… in order to keep me dry, I have to have it with me when it starts to rain. It was just after the three-kilometre point – rather close to the farthest point from home – that it really started to rain. There was no escape, nowhere to go. I was just going to get wet. By the time I walked into my apartment, my clothes felt like I had gone for a swim in them. No matter, tonight was meant to be laundry night anyways, so they went right into the machine.

  • Distance: 7 km (8.05 km)
  • Duration: 1:15:57 (1:27:37 minutes)
  • Average Pace (Min/km): 10:50 (10:49)
  • Best Split-Pace Kilometre: 10m31s
  • Steps: 9k (10.3k)
  • Calories burned: 403 (466)
  • Elevation gain: 31m (36m)
  • Average cadence (steps per minute): 118 (118)

I was aware of my heels the entire time I was out there. They were not in pain; they were just letting me know they were not yet completely healed. I am sure they understood that I needed to be out there, and that I would not push myself… but nor would I coddle myself.

Leslie told me she was proud of me for getting out there today, which feels good. I am not proud of myself, but I am relieved that I was able to do it… rain or shine. I did not meet my 8-kilometre goal (the baseline I want to strive to achieve every time I go out), but that did not account for rain, or the fact that this is my first ‘post-injury’ outing. Hopefully by tomorrow or Wednesday I will be able to wear my faster shoes comfortably… and there will be no rain in the forecast.

One response to “Hit the Trails!”

  1. I think there is plenty to be proud of.


    1. You kept your word. You could have napped, watched a movie/TV, eaten, smoked a cigar, chatted on the phone (I think you get my drift.)

    2. You didn’t let the blisters win. You decided to keep trying until it was “noticeable” but not screaming. You are continuing to build a habit responsibly.

    3. You didn’t let the weather, or anything else beyond your control win. You fought a lot of things that a lesser person would have said “Eh, not today.”

    These are all worth noting you did a great job not giving into then. 💕

    Instead of looking for negatives, train yourself to look for the more positive things. I just named three that you can focus on and retrain the brain to look for happy things, instead of what you didn’t accomplish.


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