Day 215

I made three mistakes yesterday… and I paid dearly for them this morning.

  1. My friends gave me a package of low-carb tortillas they thought I would enjoy. While I did enjoy them, I wish I had not. I will not be eating them again.
  2. The same friends recommended that rather than buying raw chicken and cooking it, I should buy a rotisserie chicken from the supermarket, and then chop some of it up and put it in the tortillas. While I do have a lot of chicken left, I will definitely not be repeating this exercise.
  3. I ate my meal at dinner time rather than at lunchtime, because I spent the afternoon with them.

I want to be clear now that I am not blaming anyone but myself for the three pounds gained on the bathroom scale this morning. They did not force me to eat the tortillas (which may be low-carb, but still a lot more carbohydrates than I eat usually). They certainly did not force me to opt for the rotisserie chicken. They are not responsible for when I eat. I made these mistakes.

You read that right… I am up three pounds this morning. Whereas Saturday I crossed below the 320-pound mark, today my weight is closer to 325 than to 320.

I am kicking myself because the truth is I did not even enjoy the meal nearly as much as I enjoy my regular meals. I was going to write that I would have been just as happy with my normal chicken and salad; in truth, I would have been happier.

I do not know if my decision to not walk yesterday was really much of a contributing factor to this morning’s stupid jump on the scale, but I stand by it as a smart decision. Muscles need timed to recover sometimes, and last night I was able to see and feel muscular definition in my legs that has been missing for years. That is a huge non-scale victory, on a day of a huge scale defeat. When there is little positive to look at, you should try to find at least a glimmer of it.

I am torn about my plans for today. I am torn between eating the rotisserie chicken (which I believe is extremely high in sodium, a contributing factor to my weight gain), and going to buy raw chicken to cook. Honestly, I think that is the right decision. Yes, I am going to head to the store to pick that up so that I can return to my regularly scheduled meal plan. I am going to ask my buddy if I can freeze the remaining tortillas, and save them for a treat.

It is raining today, and the forecast is for rain from 2pm throughout the evening. Depending on how heavy the rain is, I might or might not walk. If it is pouring rain then I will not, but if it is just a light drizzle then I will try to go out for a turn.

I have a couple of errands to take care of today, including sending the tailor an email to see if my clothes are ready, or at least will be by tomorrow. I do want to take them to Dallas with me, and that was always my deadline for her. If they are not done in time, then I am really not going to be happy… but it is something I have no control over at this point. I also have to print out the Covid forms for air travel, thanks to American Airlines’ app not supporting my Canadian residence. Sheesh.

Have a great day folks!

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  1. …and I love you still…

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