Day 240

I am relieved to see that the numbers on the scale were slightly down this morning. I had some popcorn yesterday, which I know I should not have. I also had another salad, which I shouldn’t do, but which is not the end of the world. I know that I should be trying to stick to my plan, but I was really out of sorts yesterday. I hope to do better today.

I have to do some shopping this morning. I do have a steak that I could defrost, but I do not think that I have done well enough on my program recently to deserve that treat. I will pick up some chicken, as well as vegetables. I have onion and tomatoes, but I am out of cucumber and lettuce. I am also going to see if they have any sesame oil, which they did not have the last time I went.

My friend Eduardo and I are supposed to get together today for me to replace the hard drive in his computer. I honestly hate helping friends keep computers going that are over ten years old, but what can I do? He is a friend on a budget and does not want to spend the money to buy something new. We will of course smoke a cigar together, which will be nice. I like hanging out with my friends. Tomorrow I will be going to see Ryan, which is always a nice way to spend the afternoon. I just hope that his sister’s boyfriend isn’t there… he’s a real tool. I have no interest in breathing the same air as anyone who tells antisemitic jokes. We’ll see… it might turn into a short afternoon.

I have a couple of things that I want to post for sale on Facebook Marketplace. I only mention that here because I know that it is the first time that I have written or verbalized it, despite having thought of it for weeks. If I write it down, I might actually get cracking on it. Let’s hope.

Have a great day folks!

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