Fixing the Days

I knew there was a mistake somewhere when I did the math during my earlier post. After I was done with it, I decided to go back to figure out where I went wrong.

This morning I was working on my journal entry titled Day 362, and I did some counting to the one-year anniversary. The numbers did not add up. I was pretty sure that I started this program on January 20, which would have been Day 1. Yet when I started doing the counting to Day 365, I was coming up with Wednesday, which meant that I lost a day somewhere. January 20 is this coming Friday, but doing the simple counting, Wednesday would be Day 365, which meant that the anniversary would be January 19. Something strange is going on in Whoville folks!

I went back to Day 1 in my journal and started counting. I am glad that in the off-line version, I have taken the time to mark down the date almost every Monday and Thursday, although there are a couple of times when that was shifted for whatever reason. It took until I as nearly up to date… I had New Year’s Day (Sunday) as Day 347, and then the following day was Monday, January 2, 2023… Day 349. I went back and made the corrections in my off-line journal and will now go back and correct the on-line version on my blog. That will take a few minutes, because while I want to change the article titles, I do not want that to modify the links. If it has to then so be it, but if it can be easily avoided then I will be happier that way.

It could have been much worse of course… I had to correct fourteen entries. Had the mistake been six months ago, I would likely have left it the way it was. I certainly would not have changed the blog (which will require me to go into each article individually, unlike the off-line version which is one large Microsoft Word document).

Now that I have found and corrected the mistake, we can go back to accepting that Friday will be the one-year anniversary on my journey and continue as normal.

Thank you again for reading!

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