Day 474

If there are two words that no person says with anticipation and glee, they are root canal. Yet that is what I am doing this afternoon. A couple months ago I broke a filling, and when my dentist examined it he told me that the damage is dangerously close to the root, and that we should preemptively do the surgery. The specialist agreed that it could wait until after the wedding, but that dreaded day has arrived. After class today I will drive to Oakville and… yeah.

I have not been doing well on my weight loss journey, and my efforts to get back on track have not been successful. I do not know how I managed to drop over a pound this morning over yesterday, but I think that speaks more to how bad I was the previous day than about how good I was yesterday. I will do better today, but I am easing myself back onto the program. After my root canal I will likely pick up chicken and vegetables and will resume my partial (modified) program today… assuming I am able to eat after my root canal. One thing I do know is that I will not be able to jog today – I will be on pain killers that might impair my ability to react appropriately, and I do not plan to endanger myself or others.

Have a great day folks!

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