Day 50

I woke up this morning unsure of how I was feeling. As is customary, I sat on “the throne” for near on an hour, which is not unusual; it is where I check my email, Facebook, and I complete any games that I might play on my phone (I only really play two games – Words With Friends and Trivia Crack). I then brushed my teeth and stepped onto the scale. When I saw the number, I stepped off, zeroed the scale, and checked again. I am down significantly from yesterday morning’s weigh-in. I grinned with satisfaction as I began to go about my regular routine… which, for the first time, now includes taking a colchicine tablet.

After taking the first double-dose yesterday afternoon, I felt no pain in my foot whatsoever. I knew this was likely my brain tricking me because of the excitement of the medicine. While colchicine is supposed to act pretty quickly, it would not be a matter of hours, rather a couple of days before the real relief came. After my walk with HRF Princess Sophie this morning, I can honestly say that there is still pain in my feet… but not nearly as much as there has been over the last few weeks. I imagine that by Sunday it will be gone, and I will be in much better spirits overall. I just hope that the pain that I have been feeling in my knees should disappear as quickly and conveniently.

I have a few errands to run today, including picking up another batch of contraband meal replacements. After that, I have another dentist appointment, and then a haircut. I am teaching this evening but hope that between the haircut and class I will have time for a cigar on the balcony. Also, if all goes well, Leslie and I will finally be booking our vacation today.

Have a great day everyone!

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