Day 161

I did not lose any weight this morning. I did not gain any either, so I am happy… especially knowing that not only did I have fried chicken nuggets with lunch, but also had a couple of (small) cookies, and then at 10:15pm Leslie and I shared a bag of microwave popcorn. Every day that... Continue Reading →

Day 105

Okay, my weight is down from my last doctor’s visit… but not a lot. I have to focus. Maybe I have to eat fewer peanuts.Today will not be overly an overly taxing day. I will spend a couple of hours putting together my slide deck for tomorrow evening’s presentation, but that is about all I... Continue Reading →

Day 102

I was able to stick to the plan yesterday. I admit thinking at one point that a meal replacement bad – in addition to what I had eaten already – would have been nice. I did not indulge – to whatever extent a meal replacement bar would be considered an indulgence – and I went... Continue Reading →

Day 97

This week I am more stressed than usual. I have a deadline to finish creating a course which I have been working on, and which I must deliver Thursday. I will make my hard deadline, but it will be close. If I had been able to work Sunday afternoon (as had been the plan, then... Continue Reading →

Awareness and Honesty

There are myriad reasons why people are overweight, and I do my best to not judge people because I do not know their stories, what medical conditions they might suffer from, or the psychological trauma that they live with. The things that I say in this article are about me and are not meant to... Continue Reading →

Day 91

I am not buying huge quantities of chicken or fish and freezing them, mostly because I need to go to the supermarket every few days to get fresh vegetables. Otherwise, it would make a lot of sense to buy a freezer full of protein. I am not doing that… but with the prices going up... Continue Reading →

Day 85

I splurged a little bit and picked up some peanuts when I was at the supermarket yesterday, but that was really my only cheat. Oh, and I had a bunch of lozenges again.I am completely fed up with my bathroom scale. This morning I got ten different readings in a six-pound range. You would be... Continue Reading →

Day 78

Another day in the books, and another day that my bathroom scale is not being nice to me. Yes, I had a small package of peanuts yesterday… but I had skipped my morning shake in my rush to go to the doctor, so I really should have been pretty on track. It is the uneven... Continue Reading →

But Was It a Workout?

As I prepared to leave on my walk, I decided I should install the Endomondo app on my phone. It is what I used to track my walks. I searched the app store, and it was not there. It seems it was discontinued. Oh well. I decided to try another one, which I installed, logged... Continue Reading →

Day 50

I woke up this morning unsure of how I was feeling. As is customary, I sat on “the throne” for near on an hour, which is not unusual; it is where I check my email, Facebook, and I complete any games that I might play on my phone (I only really play two games –... Continue Reading →

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