Day 56

I was very good on the diet yesterday, and yet the bathroom scale took back a full pound of weight loss. What I wouldn’t do for a solid floor on which I could reliably weigh myself? Of course, after a ten-pound drop in just over a week, I feel it’s a little like the Canada Revenue Agency. “Sorry, Mr. Garvis. We gave you a very generous tax refund last year… but it was too generous, and we are taking some of it back.” I know I am being silly, but it is frustrating when I cannot reliably track my progress day by day.

My foot is not hurting as bad today as it was yesterday. Also, it is a relief to know that whatever damage I might have done to my knee over the winter, it is feeling better as well. It is possible that my knee will get better and worse with the weather, as I predicted a few weeks ago. I suppose only time will tell. I suspect that both knee and foot will be happier when I weigh less.

The original forecast for today showed 10°c, but that seems to have been revised to a high of 6°c. I can live with that, especially since there is no wind to speak of. I will sit on the balcony this afternoon enjoying a cigar or two. I have a student who has asked me to be available for help throughout the day – I told him to reset his labs for this class, as something went wrong and if he does not fix it (possibly by starting from scratch) then the problems will compound throughout the class, and I do not want that to happen. If he does reach out to me, I might take a laptop onto the balcony to work with him. I do not know how warm it will be, especially if the stubborn beast does not want to turn the balcony heater on.

I am seriously considering going to Montreal this weekend. I have a few things to take care of, and it should be a nice weekend for it. We’ll see.

Have a great day!

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