Day 78

Another day in the books, and another day that my bathroom scale is not being nice to me. Yes, I had a small package of peanuts yesterday… but I had skipped my morning shake in my rush to go to the doctor, so I really should have been pretty on track. It is the uneven floors in my bathroom that are the real culprit, and I have no good solution for that.

Speaking of the doctor, he gave me a prescription for the medicine that will prevent gout attacks. If I recall, my father was on that pill every day for thirty years. If it helped him, I hope it will help me too. I am taking the first one this morning… I thought about starting last night when I picked them up, but I prefer taking pills in the morning so better to start today.

Leslie arrived last night, and her plane landed nearly an hour early. I asked her if the pilot had an important date or something, but I am sure the tailwinds were just extremely favourable. Our reunion was as magical as it always is, with big hugs and kisses before I put her cases in the trunk of the car. I decided that when I picked her up, I would be playing music that she loved. To be clear, there is plenty of music that we both enjoy, but Taylor Swift is her jam. She noticed immediately, and as happy as she had been, I am sure that gave her at least one more scintilla of happiness.

The drive home from the airport was extremely difficult – the visibility was really low and focusing on the road for that length of time really tired my eyes (and the rest of me) out. No matter, we arrived home safe and sound. Once we got her settled, Leslie pointed out a couple more non-scale victories… ones that might be inappropriate to mention here.

It is wonderful to have Leslie here, but we both have our days to go about. She has meetings, I have work, and this evening I will teach (for the last time in this session). I will mostly stick to the program today, although I am looking forward to one sweet which Leslie brought for me.

I noticed one vital bit of information regarding the bathroom scale. Despite the fact that it does not seem to be cooperating, my doctor’s office weigh-ins are consistently down over the last three visits, and yet my bathroom scale has not been following the same trend consistently. Yesterday it had me down 2 lbs (under 1 kg) from my previous weigh-in at the doctor… not nearly the 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs) that I was down from the doctor’s office. I am glad that I have been using that for my records, and not the bathroom. Accuracy is important… and if I have to use my semi-weekly doctor’s office visits as my benchmark, then so be it.

The weather is gorgeous, so there might be a cigar in my future this afternoon. I have some reading to do to prepare for a course that I have to create for the end of the month, but that can easily be done while sitting outside if the weather is agreeable… and it is.

Have a great day folks! You do what makes you happy!

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