Day 123

Mornings like this are why dieting is so frustrating. Aside from my peanuts (which were not excessive), the only straying I did from the program yesterday was that I made my final meal replacement shake very late at night. Normally, I would like to be done with it by 9:00pm; last night I came in from smoking cigars at 11:30pm. I should have skipped it, but I did not. The results? A full 2.4 lbs increase on the scale this morning.

My plans for today: While I do have a lot of preparation to do for tomorrow’s class that I am teaching, I first have to go visit my son the younger. That sounds wrong. I love visiting with him and would be thrilled to be taking him for breakfast. That is not what will be happening. His mother (my ex-wife) told me that she has information about an assessment for him, which we need to discuss. She suggested I just come over, and we have breakfast there. Really, the timing could not have worked out better, as I have spent much of this week trying to figure out how to tell her that I am getting remarried. This will be that opportunity.

Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous and glorious day… if you can discount the one hour when the winds picked up to 100 km/h and the heavens opened up as if expecting me to build an ark. The morning was hot and sunny, the afternoon was hot and sunny… and from about 12:30pm to 1:30pm, Hurricane WTF came through Burlington. I had gone to visit with Lyle, and Ryan, Josh, and Dean were there too. We were sitting out on the patio (basking in the sun) when Ryan said they should hit the road because of the weather. I figured I would do the same – I stopped off to do a couple of errands, and I parked the car in front of my building in time for the rains to start… and my hat and yarmulke both flew off immediately; lucky for me they were caught in the tree in front of the house, else they both would have been long gone. I got into the building with just a few drops of wet… I turned around and saw that I escaped the deluge by three seconds. It was raining sideways.

Needless to say, I made no further plans to venture out of the apartment yesterday.

HRF had gone for her walk but was begging to go out again. I smiled inwardly… I showed her what the weather was like outside, and she immediately decided that she did not want to go out, but that a treat was in order. She got one, and we stayed inside and dry until the weather front passed.

I was shocked when, at 4:00pm or so, I looked outside. Not only was it sunny, but there was no wind. It stayed like that until 9:00pm, and shortly thereafter it started raining again… sans wind.

Knowing that I am going to the doctor’s office for my official weigh-in this week, I am hoping that my weight loss hiccough of this morning was just that… nothing more than a reminder that A) I should never eat late at night, and that B) Weight loss is neither linear nor predictable… at least, not the points on a graph. Over time, the trend should be predictable, based on honest weight management techniques. It is not abnormal to starve yourself on a particular day, only to discover that you gained a pound the following morning.

My friend Rabbi Barclay is a very difficult man to reach, except in case of emergency, at which point he is always there immediately. While I had very important need to speak with him these last few weeks, it was not an emergency. We finally connected last night, and had a great conversation about the wedding, including the requirements and possibilities. Yes, Leslie (who lives in Texas) and I (currently living outside Toronto) are going to fly to Westlake Village, California to get married. This is partly because I want him to perform the ceremony, but also because I have a lot of people in that part of the world. I have a few people here, and Leslie has a couple of people there… in SoCal we will have a lot of people who will be thrilled to be able to witness the nuptials. Of course, I might have to fly a couple of people into town… but we’ll see. All in all, I am thrilled that my good friend will marry me to the love of my life. Stay tuned for details… there will be no invitations, but you are welcome to join us in our celebration!

Have a great day folks! I’m off to see my sons… and my ex-wife.

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