Day 123

Mornings like this are why dieting is so frustrating. Aside from my peanuts (which were not excessive), the only straying I did from the program yesterday was that I made my final meal replacement shake very late at night. Normally, I would like to be done with it by 9:00pm; last night I came in... Continue Reading →

Day 94

Today’s article could just as easily be titled ‘Perception of Progress: Do not trust your memory!’ I suspect I will have a lot of people who know exactly what I am talking about.I am in the phase where I feel like I have lost a lot of weight, and that I haven’t lost anything.Anyone who... Continue Reading →

Day 85

I splurged a little bit and picked up some peanuts when I was at the supermarket yesterday, but that was really my only cheat. Oh, and I had a bunch of lozenges again.I am completely fed up with my bathroom scale. This morning I got ten different readings in a six-pound range. You would be... Continue Reading →

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