Day 158

We had a Bonney day today! Last evening we went for sushi, and it was really delicious. We then went to Cigars International, where it was packed! We met another couple who were on their third date, and when they heard we were celebrating they bought us drinks and cigars. We really enjoyed our time... Continue Reading →

Day 156

It is hot out there! Today is an important day, but I started out with a bowl of cereal, and then I went for a walk. I wanted to push myself further than I went yesterday, and I did… to a point.Distance: 5.00 km (4.00 km)Duration: 56:10 minutes (46:17 minutes)Average Pace (Min/km): 11:09 (11:33)Steps: 6.1k... Continue Reading →

Day 155

My walk this morning hit a lot of firsts. It was, firstly, my first post-Covid walk. I know I am not yet 100%, but I did want to give it a try. It was my first walk in Dallas, and my first walk in 36°c heat (that is about 96° Fahrenheit). All good starts. I... Continue Reading →

Day 153

I have posted on my blog these last few days, but I have not written in my journal. Why? Here’s what has been going on.Friday, I thought I was just exhausted because of the release of anxiety from being allowed back into the United States. I also felt I was catching a cold, which at... Continue Reading →

Day 151

Father’s Day. My kids called, but did not have much to say. Leslie took me for a very special breakfast to a restaurant that her father introduced her to in Guatemala. We both miss our dads terribly and both of us have shed tears today. We are both sick. I must have caught a bug... Continue Reading →

Day 150

Hopefully we have the coffee situation sorted for tomorrow. I made us an omelet, which turned into a scramble. Yum! We had shawarma for lunch, no carbs. So far I think today is going well.

Day 149

Leslie and I are officially licensed to get married. Unfortunately Monday is a federal holiday, so we have to try to do it Tuesday. Good things come to those who wait! For breakfast I had an impossible sausage sandwich from Starbucks, and lunch was dim sum (all chicken). So tasty!!

Day 147

Yesterday morning I watched the video of my Black Belt test on Facebook Memories. It got me excited, reminding me of what I used to be able to do. I decided to do something about it. I reached out to one of the guys I used to train with – one of the guys I... Continue Reading →

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