Day 131

Yes, I had popcorn at the movie theatre yesterday, with a large Coke Zero. Yes, I know that I should avoid treats like movie theatre popcorn at all costs. Yes, I know that aside from the 600 calories, it contains 31g of fats and 67g of carbohydrates. I made the conscious decision, knowing all of that, and knowing that it also has 10g of protein, and I used it as a meal replacement. I did not add butter, only some of the salt and vinegar flavouring that they give you… which probably added a million grams of sodium to my cheat, but very little else.

Despite the popcorn, the bathroom scale was still better than yesterday. I did not lose tremendously, but I lost .4lb, which is better than staying where I was… or gaining.

I have a tee time booked for this morning! As soon as I finish this entry, I am heading to the Tyendaga Golf Course to play my first round of golf in ten months. I am really excited… although I do not expect to do very well. I do not want my first round with Mike to be the first time I swing a club in a year. Wish me luck!

I should also mention that Environment Canada has issued its first heat warning of the year. We are looking at a high of 29°c… which to put into perspective for my American friends is just under 85°f. Yes, Canada can be pretty wimpy when it comes to weather. I know I will be sweating out there, but I don’t mind. All I want is to enjoy myself… and to not embarrass myself too badly on the course.

When I come home, I will prepare chicken for dinner, with a side of steamed vegetables. It should be a lovely meal… and yes, a perfectly predictable one, as I eat that nearly every day!

Have a great day folks!

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