Day 136

As you probably know, I seldom write in advance. My schedule in the morning is pretty set – After I am out of the washroom, I weigh myself and then get dressed to take Princess Sophie for her walk. When we come back, I make coffee and my breakfast shake, and I take the shake and my first cup to the computer to write my daily entry. Of course, I am usually writing about what happened the previous day… along with my thoughts about food, my progress, and whatever else is going on.

While I am scheduling this journal entry to go live tomorrow morning, I am writing it Friday evening. Tomorrow we are waking up at an ungodly hour, and after I take the princess out, I am driving to Cambridge for a 7:00am tee time. I will have my shake and then take my coffee with me… but I am not getting up an extra half hour earlier to write! Allow me then to write about today (Friday) as if I were writing tomorrow (Saturday).

Yesterday morning my son the elder came over, and we went to Costco together. Most of what I bought was on my usual list, but in the butcher department I came across a package of seasoned chicken wings which looked like they would be tasty. I also bought enough balsamic vinegar that he asked if I would be able to finish it all before I got married and moved to Texas. I told him that while I did not know what the timeline for that move is going to look like, I am pretty sure that the United States has no import restrictions on balsamic vinegar. I also bought a piece of salmon that was big enough that I cut it up into five servings and froze them each in large Ziplock bags.

We came back to my place, and after we put the groceries away, I asked if he wanted to stay for lunch. I made half the package of wings, and I froze the other half. I also made roasted vegetables. I absolutely love being able to do both simultaneously in the air fryer! Everything came out very well, and we had a good lunch that was reasonably healthy, while still sating my craving for wings. We had some interesting conversations, and after lunch he headed out, allowing me to sit on the balcony with a cigar… until it started to rain.

The weather in this part of the world can be strange sometimes. I went onto the balcony at 2:45 and it was sunny and calm. Twenty minutes later it was windy and pouring rain, so I went into the house. Twenty minutes after that, it was sunny and calm again. I went back outside and spoke with my fiancée for a bit. After taking the Princess for another walk, I went to pick up my prescriptions, and then stopped at the supermarket. I realized that while I bought so many important items, I still did not have lettuce in the house. I also bought carrots, which is a good vegetable for my roasted vegies.

I had chicken and salad for dinner and am ready to turn in early. Yes, I am setting my alarm for the ungodly hour of 4:30am, and so a 9:00pm curfew is called for. As for tomorrow’s golf game, I do not know what is in store. I can only hope that I will have improved somewhat over my last two abysmal performances. Because HRF Princess Sophie will be staying home, I will not be out too late. I might stay at Ryan’s for one cigar after the round, but I make no promises. I do not like leaving my girl home alone too long!

(Actually written in the morning)

One thing that I did accomplish by going to bed early last night was to forego the final meal replacement of the day. I was hoping that would show on the scale this morning, but in fact I was back up – more than the full loss from yesterday. I can attribute that to weighing myself a full four hours earlier than I normally do, but whatever. I will try to stay on track today… and if they ask me again if I am staying for dinner, the easy answer is ‘Sorry, no… I have to go home to take care of my doggie.’

Have a great day everyone!

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