Day 199

Tomorrow will mark the two hundredth day since I made the decision to lose a lot of weight. It was and is a daunting challenge that cannot be taken lightly. When someone is twenty-pounds overweight, they can cut out alcohol and bread for a few weeks, or cut out desserts, or whatever it is that... Continue Reading →

To Birds, One Stone

I had two errands that needed to get done today. I had a prescription to pick up from the pharmacy, and I wanted to buy some tomatoes for my salad. I mentioned earlier that I was planning a shorter walk, so I decided to combine the two. I planned out a route that had both... Continue Reading →

Day 143

I was convinced that today’s weight would be bad. I cheated yesterday with peanuts (although a reasonable amount), and some very dark chocolate, which has been in the house for months. With that said, I did not have my evening meal replacement, so it must have balanced out. I lost 1.6 lbs from yesterday. Remember... Continue Reading →

Day 136

As you probably know, I seldom write in advance. My schedule in the morning is pretty set – After I am out of the washroom, I weigh myself and then get dressed to take Princess Sophie for her walk. When we come back, I make coffee and my breakfast shake, and I take the shake... Continue Reading →

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