Day 171

I do not like gaining weight. I really do not like gaining a pound and a half overnight. I really did like the piece of chocolate birthday cake that my godson’s parents gave me and devoured every last bite of. Sometimes it is had to see the cause of the effect. This is not one of those cases.

Leslie and I had a lovely omelet for breakfast this morning. Sautéed onions, dill, and cheese make for a good eggy breakfast. We also had some fresh blueberries to compliment the meal.

In a couple of hours, we will drive to Cambridge for my birthday party. It will be good to see my friends, but I know Leslie is reticent about meeting a bunch of new people. The last few days have taken a bit of a toll, and I understand that. I hope today will be fun though… and that I do not go too crazy off my diet.

I made a conscious decision to take a couple of days off of my power walking. I know that my leg muscles needed a bit of a break! I will try to go for another walk on Monday, and then Tuesday I am driving to Montreal… where yes, I can still walk!

Thursday I will be driving to Long Island, where I will meet Leslie and her son on Friday. I am really excited about that! I have not met him yet, but we have spoken, and I cannot wait to get to know him. I am also excited for my buddy who is getting married, but that is of course secondary to my meeting the boy.

Have a great day folks!

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