And the Walking Continues

In case you cannot tell from my posts, I like to challenge myself with my walking, and I love the statistical side of things. For example, my fastest kilometre was my second kilometre on July 18, at 10m00s. This of course excludes the kilometre I jogged on July 20, which I finished in 8m38s.

With the retirement of Endomondo (an app that I used for many years during those spells when I was either walking or jogging), I discovered MapMyWalk, which is owned by the same company that had bought Endomondo. It works with the GPS on my phone, and then uploads the data to the cloud so that I can keep track of things. There is a paid version that includes analytics, but until I need it, I am good sticking with the free offering.

Because I do not have the analytics, I have to rely on my memory for ‘best of…’ for a lot of things. I decided yesterday evening, after only thirteen recorded walks, to start my own spreadsheet. I did it now because doing it later would be a lot more data entry, and every day that I waited was another day that I was unlikely to do it.

My spreadsheet is simple. It tracks overall stats per walk (Date, Temperature, Distance, Average Pace, Duration, Calories Burned) as well as per-kilometre (Split-Time) … but for that it just lists the time of the kilometre, nothing more detailed. I also have a Notes field, so for example a kilometre jogged will be so noted. I should mention that until now, I have only recorded the temperatures for the walks on days when I mentioned the temperature in my journal. I did not keep track otherwise, but I will do so going forward.

The spreadsheet will make it easier for me to look back and say ‘Okay, this is the time I need to beat’ when I want to challenge myself. It will also help me see progress as I lose weight. Remember, while the numbers on the scale are great, it is the non-scale victories that really matter; the pace of my last few walks is nearly a minute better than my first few walks not only because I am used to it, but also because I am carrying less weight on those walks. Also, the clothes that I am able to wear on my walks is a huge victory… the tank top I wore yesterday was tight, but three months ago it was unwearable.

Statistics will keep me challenging myself… hopefully I will be able to get my numbers down even further as I lose more weight.

I broke no records on my walk today, except that my cumulative weekly distance is 25km, besting my previous one-week record of 19km. I made a mistake on my footwear, but I also think that three hard walks in four days is pushing my limits, and I cannot expect to be breaking records every day. The reason I was able to best all of my previous records Monday is because I had not walked in ten days, and I was well and truly rested. I am not planning on taking breaks like that… but a day or two might be in order.

  • Distance: 8.0 km (8.0 km)
  • Duration: 1:26:40 (1:23:48 minutes)
  • Average Pace (Min/km): 10:50 (10:28)
  • Steps: 9.8k (10.1k)
  • Calories burned: 460 (464)
  • Elevation gain: 29.8m (29.3)
  • Average cadence (steps per minute): 114 (120)

I should mention that I was truly done after 7km. In truth, I was probably pushing myself at 6km, and the split-pace times for my last two clicks reflects that – 11m04s and 11m39s respectively. I knew I was done at seven, and I stopped to take a bit of a break, ruing the fact that I was still one kilometre from home. Fortunately, I know the truth to the aphorism, ‘No pain, no gain.’ I want to succeed, and a little fatigue never hurt anyone

Yes, my original plan had been to skip walking today and head to Taekwondo this evening. I was not thinking this morning, and I headed out. Taekwondo will have to wait until Tuesday.

Have a great day folks!

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