Day 209

As can be expected following an evening walk like I had last night, I woke up this morning with achy legs. The blisters on my feet had blisters on them. I will not let that stop me though… I am on a mission.

The bathroom scale gave me back what it took away yesterday, and so I am again at the weight I was Sunday. While it is good to be back on track (and at my best weight), I would have liked to have gotten a pleasant surprise, maybe a new low. I know, that is not how weight loss works. I did expect, after an extremely productive bowel movement, that it might be even better… but no, there it was, the numbers on the scale aping those from a couple of days ago.

I realized yesterday as I was preparing for my walk that I was a bit ambitious with my clothes, or at least with my workout clothes. I put on a sleeveless t-shirt that I have worn a couple times, but as I was preparing to walk out, I realized that my belly was exposed… and I do not want that. I changed my shirt, and later in the evening I told Leslie that when I am down there, we will need to try to pick up a couple of t-shirts. In truth, I probably have a few t-shirts that will fit just right, and later today (while my students are doing labs) I will go through my bins and see what fits.

Princess Sophie has a play date today, so I will be teaching uninterrupted. In truth, she is a really good buddy, and seldom disturbs me while I am teaching. Occasionally, she asks to be picked up; usually she does her own thing. The one thing she does go nuts over is when she hears Charlie in the hallway; that they will be together all day will give me one less thing to think about.

The weather forecast is predicting a beautiful day, but I am hoping that instead of walking this evening, I will go to Taekwondo. It is intimidating getting back into it after long absences. I am less worried that I do not remember my patterns as I am that I have not done my stretches in a long time, and I have never been the most flexible of people even at my best. Nonetheless, I will suit up and do what I can. I might just take the opportunity to spend the entire class stretching on my own. One of the advantages of being the senior man in the gym (both age-wise but if the Master is not in the gym, then I outrank the instructors) is that they will pretty much leave me alone if that is what I want to do.

On that subject, I wish I had an area at home that would be comfortable to stretch, but the floors are terrible, and knowing that I am hopefully moving in the next few months, I do not want to invest in mats for the floor. I also know (or at least strongly suspect) that Princess Sophie will not really leave me alone if I get onto the floor to stretch. We’ll see… I may give it some more thought. I am also thinking that I might look into joining a gym for a few months. Before I do, I am going to wait to see how long I will likely have to wait for my visa once we file the application (hopefully next week). However, it is probably safe to assume that I am going to have to spend at least one more winter in Canada… and joining a gym will make working out in the cold and snowy and icy winters more doable. That is to say nothing for the strength training that I will be able to add to my walking. Yeah… now that I think of it, I am going to look into it. I do not want to spend more than I have to, but if GoodLife has any promotions going on, I might do that sooner rather than later.

I was thinking last night that I have not golfed since June. I then realized that while I enjoy golfing, I also know that it was a contributing factor to my falling off the workout track back in 2020. Of course, living in Southern California (and only a mile from the golf course), it was easy to substitute walking and jogging for golfing, even after work (I was working in another time zone which had me online at 6am… but then I could run to the course by 2pm and play 18). Living in Canada, and working in the local time zone, I have plenty of time to go for a power walk at the end of the day (or to Taekwondo, or to the gym), but playing 18 holes of golf when I work until 5:00pm? There might be two weeks of the year when I could do that.

All this to say that I might consider taking my golf clubs to Texas before the winter. I might get in one or two more rounds this season… but the only way that I can safely do that is to remember up front that the way I golf, it is not an exercise, it is a game.

As is usually my routine when I teach, I prepared my lunch during the morning break, and I have an alarm set to remind me 25 minutes before we break for lunch to turn on the air fryer. The salad is ready and is cooling, and my chicken will be tender and juicy. I look forward to my lunches, despite the fact that they are almost always the same. I do so because lunch is my only meal of the day. I still enjoy eating and am glad that I have modified the rigorous regime of the program to include a single meal. I know that I am not losing weight nearly as fast as I might if I was only on meal replacements (which is a grueling 900-calories per day), but the benefits are tangible. I also hope that by doing it this way, I will be able to keep the weight off long-term.

Have a great day folks!

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